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Job Coach
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Who is the Job Coach?
Mark Way’s career began in 1996 with a major high street agency; he quickly moved through the ranks and within a year was promoted to technical recruitment sales consultant. Where he quickly discovered his talent and found the niche he was meant to fill. He later moved to a large London-based IT agency where he further developed his experience. He was popular amongst both the clients and his colleagues and was voted top permanent Sales Consultant for two consecutive years. In 2002 Mark set up his first business and clients quickly discovered the benefits you gain from working with someone who delivers top quality results at highly competitive prices.
What does the Job Coach do for you?
Having worked within recruitment for over 15 years Mark has discovered that many job seekers just don’t know how to sell themselves. Because of this the Job Coach was developed as a way of helping job seekers gain the skills and understanding needed to apply for jobs successfully. Mark acts as a mentor helping you develop your CV writing skills as well as your interview technique through analysing what you could be doing wrong. The Job Coach should be viewed as a process of self-improvement helping you to develop your skills fully. While we cannot guarantee that you will get a job with our help we can greatly improve your chances of getting that job you deserve.
Visit Mark’s recruitment website to find jobs and much more at: Rec-Solutions.com